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Matters of the Heart: Part Two

Many people will have their hearts and lives made pure and clean, but those who are evil will keep on being evil and never understand. Only the wise will understand.

Daniel 12:10 Contemporary English Version (CEV)

Many people profess Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. It is comforting to truly believe that Jesus gave His life for our sin. But we must also understand what this means. This battle with evil is not a fight we are equipped to win, but through Christ we have victory. This is what He died on that Cross to accomplish. Having the Holy Spirit to help us keep our hearts clean and guide us in our living is truly a gift we do not deserve but one we can always embrace as we follow Christ. This is not something that everyone will understand. It takes seeking the wisdom of God to accept what we cannot fully comprehend and that takes faith in who He is.

As we bring our petitions to God in prayer, let us confess those things in our hearts that we know we need to change and ask for our hearts to be cleansed. The evil in this world of darkness is just waiting for the chance to destroy us and it enters us through our hearts.

Let us draw near with a true heart in full assurance of faith, having our hearts sprinkled from an evil conscience . . . Hebrews 10:22 KJV

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