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Hannah Prayed

You make me strong and happy, Lord. You rescued me.

Now I can be glad and laugh at my enemies.

No other god is like you. We’re safer with you than on a high mountain. I can tell those proud people, “Stop your boasting! Nothing is hidden from the Lord, and he judges what we do.”

You take away life, and you give life. You send people down to the world of the dead and bring them back again.

Our Lord, you are the one who makes us rich or poor. You put some in high positions and bring disgrace on others. You lift the poor and homeless out of the garbage dump and give them places of honor in royal palaces.

You set the world on foundations, and they belong to you. You protect your loyal people, but everyone who is evil will die in darkness.

We cannot win a victory by our own strength. Our Lord, those who attack you will be broken in pieces when you fight back with thunder from heaven.

You will judge the whole earth and give power and strength to your chosen king.

1 Samuel 2:1-3, 6-10 Contemporary English Version (CEV)

Our Lord and our God,

We thank You for who You are, Faithful Father. We thank You for giving Your Son to be the Lord of lords and King of kings. Yours is the Kingdom and the power and the glory, forever!

Through Jesus Christ, our Chosen King, we pray,


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